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Professor Brown’s letter to the editor

Don Sparks accused me of hypocrisy for attacking unions.


He asserts AFT saved my job. It is clear Sparks has heard fictitious tales of heroism spun by his predecessor.


I joined AFT once I came to Pierce because I was told to join by an instructor who wanted me to survive.


AFT did nothing to cover the cost of arbitration I won.


If AFT is my buddy, a friend of academic freedom, and “saved my job,” why did they refuse legal assistance?


Because they wanted me gone.


I’ve opposed compulsory unions since an undergraduate; but if AFT wants to supply $50,000 to show they care, I will accept it any time.


The further insinuation that I am a hypocrite for remaining at Pierce needs response.


Rather than filing a lawsuit for intimidation and a hostile work environment, I will say that Sparks is a big cry baby, a hypocrite himself, and a coward for refusing to lighten up on AFT’s protectionism.


Sparks conveniently forgets that many citizens pay taxes (under threat of seizure of their homes) for Pierce, not just “union” advocates.


They HAVE to use Pierce because they have no disposable income left for private college alternatives after paying the 10th highest property taxes nationally.


This is their only alternative – and “All the voices need a seat at the table” as Leftists like saying – Republicans, Libertarians and Independents.


Sparks himself is a hypocrite.


Unions constantly harass non-union firms like Fresh & Easy.


Why not work for Ralph’s – a “unionized” grocer?


There is no need to work for Fresh & Easy.


Collectivists like Sparks attempt to impose their organizational preferences by force on free-market non-union industries for the same reason I continue at Pierce: to work “from within” for institutional reforms I believe are just.


I’m a “change agent” – just like Don.


Pam Brown

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