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Vote No on Prop. 34

Throughout America’s history, the death penalty has been highly controversial, however, an approval of Proposition 34 would eliminate the death penalty entirely, evading justice and giving power to criminals.


Prop. 34 calls for the removal of California’s death penalty as maximum punishment for persons found guilty of murder and replaces it with life imprisonment without possibility of parole.


Such action escapes justice and removes the fear of death in convicted killers, allowing inmates to live as though they have not committed crimes.


Furthermore, the state would provide $100 million in grants to law enforcement agencies for investigations of homicides and rape cases over the next four years, according to the official voter information guide.


However, Prop. 34 would cost taxpayers at least $50,000 annually to cover the cost. California is broke and Prop 34 would only add to the state’s debt.


Californians cannot afford to waste state money on law enforcement while education suffers.


Proponents of Prop. 34 say no offenders could be sentenced to death under state law and guarantees no innocent person can be executed, insisting innocent people have been sentenced to death in the U.S.


However, convicted killers on death row have committed heinous crimes, therefore, the thought of such individuals being recognized as innocent is ludicrous.


Governor Jerry Brown, an opponent of Prop. 34, states there are no innocent inmates on California’s Death Row.


In addition to ridiculous claims by advocates of Prop. 34, convicted killers would be put to work and pay court ordered victim compensation fines, according to the official voter information guide.


On the contrary, making killers take PE classes meets the work requirement Prop. 34 supports. Therefore, work would simply be play for inmates and far from punishment.


Furthermore, Prop. 34 gives lifetime healthcare and housing to killers who have tortured, murdered and raped children, cops, mothers, and fathers, instead of justice.


Keeping convicted killers in prison is not justice. Criminals must suffer the same acts they commit onto others, not escape justice.


In addition, proponents of Prop. 34 fail to acknowledge that when California’s death penalty was eliminated in 1972 after the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional, criminals were released only to kill and rape again.


Voters must restore capital punishment in order to reinforce justice and not give criminals full rights.


Convicted killers have denied themselves of their God given rights by committing crimes and breaking the law, therefore, they should be treated as such.


Don’t let guilty murderers win, vote no on Prop. 34.

Mario Cruz
Staff Fall 2012

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