Metro Line 164 has it all

Photo Illustration: Jose Romero and Jasson Bautista

Many students already use public transportation to get to and from school.

But if you drive, you might not realize how useful the bus can be, just for short trips during the day.

Whatever your direction, whatever your fancy, Victory Boulevard’s Metro line 164 bus has something for every student at Pierce College.

Victory Boulevard runs along the northern border of Pierce College, so this main artery through the community is already in place serving students, faculty and staff.

There are so many small businesses on Victory catering to students, we need look no further than the bus stop to find what we are looking for.

Students can easily catch a bus at either the Mason Avenue or Winnetka Avenue stop, go eat lunch at any of the dozens of restaurants, food fast joints, and cafes along the line, and be back on campus within the hour.

Aside from the obvious fuel savings, you avoid wear and tear on your vehicle, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and lower your chances of being injured during your commute just by leaving your car in its parking spot.

Whether you need lunch or dinner, books or clothes, ball parks, dog parks or skate parks, you will find it at a bus stop along the 164 line.

The diversity of people on the bus always promises an interesting ride, with all walks of life represented.

One of the hidden benefits of taking the bus is that you are free to relax and let someone else drive you around.

Well, not free– but pretty cheap.

At $1.50 per ride, paying cash could be cost-effective for long trips.

Of course, there is always the TAP card for frequent fliers; er, riders.

You may be surprised by how calming it can be to jump on the bus, just for a change of scenery.

We are fortunate to live in a city with public transportation, and we are very fortunate to have our beloved college situated along one of its premiere thoroughfares.

The Metro 164 Line runs East and West across the San Fernando Valley, with timetables listed on their website.

And yes, there’s an app for that.