Women’s volleyball guaranteed spot for state championship game

Pierce defeated Santa Rosa and Golden West College back to back on Saturday in a combined 8 games during the march to their third title match in as many seasons.


It was a long night for number-one ranked Pierce College Women’s Volleyball of the Western State South Conference in the beginning round of double elimination play at State Finals in Fullerton, Calif. on Dec. 1st.


Pierce swept second-ranked Santa Rosa of the Big 8 conference in three sets and then faced number-two ranked Golden West College of the Orange Empire Conference an hour later, where Golden West College gave Pierce a run in five close sets but eventually broke down and helped the Brahmas achieve their second win for the night.


The set scores against Golden West were 24-26, 25-21, 21-25, 25-21, and 15-10.


In all five sets, points went back and forth to each team, where Pierce and Golden West fought until the end. Neither team’s point spread was more than four until the fifth game when Pierce won the set of 15-10.


With a combined 14 aces, Pierce’s Brittani Elser contributed seven aces alone to turn the heat up against Golden West.


“After we lost the first set, we knew we had to pick it up,” said Elser. “We hit our reset button in the second set and it was starting to come together for us.”


Golden West knew how well Pierce played and that one of the only ways to take advantage was to convert free balls by Pierce into kills for the easy points.


“I felt they were surprised by our game since we aren’t in the same conference, but they did a good job at keeping their composure,” said Golden West middle blocker Bethanee Boggs. “We made a lot of mistakes and that helped them in the long-run.”


Tied two sets each and going into the final set, both team’s nerves and endorphin levels were showing. Pierce took an 8-5 lead and continued to outscore Golden West, but Golden West eventually narrowed the gap to four with a score of 14-10 until an error on offense, which cost them the game.


According to Boggs, Danetta [Boykin] is one of Golden West’s biggest challenges but is also one of the most fun players to play against.


“It was mind over matter,” said Boykin, who had 22 kills against Golden West. “We came this far throughout the whole season and we didn’t want to give up that easily.”


Pierce College has a guaranteed spot in the championship game at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.


“All we have to do is play our game and we’ll be fine,” said Elser, regarding their opponent in the final game.

David Schub
Staff Fall 2012


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