Women’s volleyball team going to state finals


In the third and final round of Regional Playoffs of Women’s volleyball, number one Pierce College knocked out fifth-ranked Pasadena City College at Pierce College in three sets on Tuesday, Nov, 27, with the help of Brittani Elser, who had back to back aces in the second set, and 21 kills by Danetta Boykin to advance to State Finals in Fullerton this coming weekend. The set scores were 25-16, 25-19, and 25-18.


Tonight’s match also meant saying goodbye to several sophomores which would be their last time playing at Pierce.


“All of the hard work we put in these past two years has really showed.” said sophomore Danetta Boykin. “I am very happy with the results.”


Both teams fought hard for points early in all three sets, where the lead went back and forth until the Brahmas stepped up their game and never let the Lancers get more than 20 points in each set.


“Pierce is a tough team,” said Pasadena’s Viridiana Gallardo. “Our coach told us to stay low to the floor while on defense to be able to return their hits, but with Danetta’s force, she was unstoppable.”


Pierce played Pasadena earlier in the season and knew what they were up against.


“After watching them on tape and learning how they played, Pasadena had some tricky plays that we weren’t used to,” said sophomore Jessica Burns, who had six blocks against the Lancers. “During practice this past week, we worked on blocking and serving techniques.”


Although happy with the placement of serves, there were some key serves in the game that were missed, but the team did a good job executing in other areas that helped with the win, according to the Brahmas Coach Nabil Mardini.


“I know I had to go in there and and serve tough,” said Emerson, with three aces for the night. “The energy of my team was strong and it really helped me do what I had to do.”


With emotions of excitement and nerves also running high for sophomore Saku Fuji,as it was her last game at Pierce, she also had to play against one of her closest friends, a roommate for 6 months, and beach volleyball partner, Cassandra Delacruz.


“It was one of the hardest games I’ve had to play,” said Fuji. “Even though we are friends, it was different. She was the rival tonight and I had to play Brahma ball.”


After the game, Delacruz and Fuji hugged, she congratulated her on the win and wished her luck this weekend.


Pierce College  will be making their third visit to State Finals after two consecutive back to back wins with a record of 30-0 this season.


“If we play in finals the way we played tonight I am confident we will win,” said Emerson.






David Schub
Staff Fall 2012


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