Top 5 food finds for $5 or less

Let’s face it, as college students we have to pay for books, computers, lab materials, and our steadily rising registration fees. All of those things can really starve a college student’s wallet, and the last thing we want to worry about is spending tons of the money we have left on our growling stomachs.

Well, here is some great news. We have come up with a list of the Top 5 foods for $5 or less on campus. Now, even when your wallets are starving your stomachs don’t have to.

1. Hot Coffee Catering-Food Truck (Nacho Plate)- This entrée comes with comes chips, blended Mexican cheeses, beef, sour cream, beans, pico de gallo salsa, and guacamole for only $5. Hot Coffee Catering is open throughout the whole day and has options that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This not so hidden gem is located directly in front of the Pierce College Student Services Center.

2. Freudian Sip (Breakfast Bagel Combo)- The breakfast bagel combo features a toasted sausage, egg, cheese, bagel sandwich and a small hot coffee for only $4.75. This meal is perfect for students or faculty members who need a hearty morning meal that is guaranteed to start their day off right.

3. Vending Machine-Pierce College Library (Lean Pocket)- The lean pocket is a delicious healthier alternative that is filled with blended cheeses, turkey, and ham. All of that for only $1.75. This vending machine is perfect for anyone on the go and needs a hot, filling meal quickly. It is located on the first floor outside of the Pierce College Library.

4. Casas Food Truck (Chicken Quesadilla)- This fabulous entrée comes complete with a flour tortilla filled with blended Mexican cheeses, fire grilled chicken, and a side of tortilla chips all for $5. Casas Food Truck has an eclectic mix of quality American and Mexican cuisines that will fill you up at an affordable price. It is conveniently located directly next to the South Gym for students and faculty members to enjoy.

5. Vending Machines-Around Pierce College (Various Snacks)- Vending machines around Pierce College are stocked with snacks that can hold anyone over until their next meal. They have a wide variety of Frito-Lay chips, MARS Brand candies, and for the more health conscious they also feature various flavored Nature Valley Granola Bars all for less than $2.00. The vending machines are located conveniently throughout the whole campus, and most accept all major credit cards!