Parking pass policy unfair

Illustration: Maria Salvador
Illustration: Maria Salvador

This semester, Pierce College implemented a new rule that students will be required to pay their semester dues in full before being allowed to purchase parking permits.

That means if you can’t afford to pay for your fees in full, you’re not getting a parking pass.

If you can’t get a pass to park on campus, where are you going to park?

There is only so many spots available on the street. If you’re not driving by Winnetka Ave. at 9 a.m. when the parking regulation begins, you will not be able to find a spot after that.

As it is, it’s already a feat trying to find parking spots on campus. Now it’s going to be worse.

The issue with this new rule is that many students pay their dues in portions throughout the semester because they don’t have the full amount ready to go right at the beginning. What’s going to happen to them?

It doesn’t seem fair to put these regulations on students who do pay their fees, but in payments. They should also be allowed to purchase the parking permits.

Pierce can’t expect all these students to be able to find parking off campus. There’s not enough room.

This new rule could also create an increase on parking tickets because students will have to take the risk of parking on site if they can’t find a spot on the street. If you get a ticket for parking on campus without a pass, you’ll be charged $30.

That’s more than the actual price of the permits. Currently, it’s $20 for a regular permit and $27 for a preferred permit.

That doesn’t seem right. Not to mention that if you want to buy a day pass, you’ll be forking up $3 a day. Which, by the way, is a dollar more than last semester.

Pierce should retract this rule. They should let students purchase passes without having to pay their dues in full, or at the very least require a minimum dues payment.

Pierce Parking Alternatives:


  • Orange Line
  • Routes 164, 243, and 244.
  • Fare: $1.50, $0.55 for seniors and disabled riders
  • Day Pass: $5, $1.80 for senior and disabled riders
  • TAP card: This re-usable and reloadable card reduces the hassle of trying to find change to get onto the bus.

Near-campus parking spots:

  • Victory Boulevard (parallel parking)
  • Oxnard Street (parallel parking)
  • Calvert Street (parallel parking)
  • Metro station (parking lot)