Pierce heat hits 103; no record broken

In what seems like a preview to the summer, Pierce College students were battling the familiar Southern California heat on Monday, May 13.

According to Jason Finley, assistant professor of geography and meteorology, the record heat index for today is 104 degrees. Pierce did not break the record, but was one degree less than the record.

Students on campus had different reactions to the heat wave. Some are well aware of the conditions that take place during the summer.

“I’m really upset, because today is our conditioning day for football,” said football player Eric Waters. “We’ve got to do a lot of running and technically it has to be in this heat.”

However some students have become accustomed to the heat and know what to expect when summer rolls into Southern California

“I’m used to it,” said Sarai Arrona, 18, sociology major. “This is the valley so you shouldn’t be complaining, you should expect it.”

Other Pierce students made the mistake of dressing for cooler temperatures and were lamenting their decision.

“It’s so hot, I wish I wore shorts today, especially because last week was cold” said Johana Menace, 18, who has not declared a major.

Some students had to keep a cool head in the heat, although they had an obvious way to cool off in front of them.

“It sucks sitting in front of the pool and not jumping in,” said student lifeguard Yarik Chekia.