Football team blow by West LA

In the game that ended in theft on Saturday, the Brahmas dominated the football field in a 41-16 win against West LA College at Pierce’s Shepard Stadium.

Pierce started out strong with four touchdowns in the first quarter. It was the first time all season that the team scored on the first drive, but quarterback Nicholas Arbuckle said the highlight of the game was that tight end Tyler Kolodny caught 5 passes and scored two touchdowns in the first quarter.

“He went into the game with only one catch all season, so the opportunity to get him the ball a lot and see what he could do was really good,” Arbuckle said.

West LA scored a field goal in the second quarter, but Pierce fought back when running back DeShawn Jones scored the fifth touchdown of the night with a pass from Arbuckle and a 75-yd run, bringing the half-time score to 34-3.

The third quarter of the game brought one more touchdown for the Brahmas by running back Calvin Howard. In the same quarter, defensive end Lonnie Parks grabbed his first sack of the season: the highlight of the game for him.

“We’re off to a great start. I feel like we could go undefeated,” Parks said. “I think we played a good game on both sides of the door: offense and defense.”

West LA showed their potential when they scored two touchdowns in the final quarter, but Pierce was too far ahead.

West LA football coach Marguet Miller said that although his players turnovers were holding them back every time, he felt hopeful for the remainder of the season. He said his team would continue working hard, and it wasn’t the other teams that were beating West LA.

“They don’t stop us. We stop ourselves,” Miller said. “You can’t beat two teams.”

With a final score of 41-16, the 2013 team starts the season off 4-0, which only the 1984 team was able to accomplish in the history of the school according to Athletic Director Bob Lofrano’s Oct. 6 Sports Flash on Facebook.

“Hopefully we’ll keep it going and win every single game,” Arbuckle said. “That’s something Pierce has never done before, and so that’s always been our goal and hopefully we can accomplish that.”

According to Arbuckle, Pierce will have to play hard to keep their winning streak as they play against Moorpark College this Saturday.

“Moorpark is from a really good division,” Arbuckle said. “They’re better than they were last year and they were good last year.”