Clubs host annual Halloween Carnival fundraiser

The smell of cotton candy and popcorn filled Rocky Young Park Thursday, Oct. 31, as clubs began to set up tables and bounce houses for the Halloween Carnival hosted by the Associated Students Organization.

The event lasted from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. where several clubs, including the Business & Economics Student Association (BESA) and the Feminist Club, sold cupcakes, Porto’s Bakery and Café cheese rolls, and cotton candy to raise funds for their clubs.

An inflatable rock climbing wall stood behind bounce houses and slides that provided activities for students to take part in. We made sure to get ourselves some custom-made bounce houses to make it more fun for the kids to play on and from the reaction, it went great!

“The rides attracted my attention, especially the big ball at the end,” said Janel Leuterio, a sociology major dressed as a bloody pink teddy bear, referring to one of the rides at the event.

Club members at the Halloween Carnival interacted with the students passing by in an attempt to gain their attention and interest in their clubs.

“We want to get the word out there that sign language is awesome,” said 18-year-old Interpreting major, Samantha Thomson.

As time passed by the crowd at the carnival began to grow and the sound of a student playing the guitar was soon overpowered by loud chatter and screaming coming from the bounce houses.

“I think the carnival groups people together and it’s rare to have that here at Pierce,” said 19-year-old Greg Alarcon, a member of BESA, as he was passing out flyers advertising potato balls for sale.