ASO ready to unveil new office

The Associated Students Organization (ASO) moved into their new office on the first floor of the Library/ Learning Crossroads on Monday, Feb. 10.

ASO president Gus Sandoval is looking forward that this will be a place where students are now able to interact, study and get more information about the Pierce College campus.

“The idea of having a place like this stemmed from my first semester as a senator,” Sandoval said. “The more I looked at student involvement, the more I realized there was no central location for students to hang out on campus.”

Not only will the ASO office be a place where students can go and socialize, but they will also be able to study and use computers with Wi-fi. In addition, there will be rooms where club organizations are able to have their meetings and presentations.

“One of the advantages at the ASO office is that club members are able to rent out the room for their meetings,” said Vice President Mariela Valdez. “Giving students extra space to do their homework, group work and club activities are what we wanted to do.”

Moving to the new office from the old was hectic for the members, but during the transformation they got all the support they needed to make this vision come true.

“The ASO had support from the facilities and full support from college council,” ASO Advisor and Director of Assessment Curtis Smith said. “We are excited and highly encourage students to come by and check it out.”

The ASO office is in the process of promoting the new space with flyers, marquee announcements and posters.

The grand opening for the new ASO office will be held during Club Rush, which starts Monday, Feb. 24.