Club 411: Trading Cards Game Club is all fun and games

The Trading Cards Game (TCG) club has turned into an organization, and a place where students can come together and play card games, in a structured environment, on the Pierce College campus.

Last semester, a few students started the TCG club because of the large interest in card gaming. Students would huddle up around the old library playing Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: The Gathering and various other games.

President of the TCG club, Garret Williams, created the club to give a sense of structure to the small community on campus.

 “We decided to do the organization because we wanted to create a place where everyone can group together and have a place to play,” Williams said.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is based on a fictional card game Duel Monsters in the manga/anime Yu-gi-oh! created by Kazuki Takahashi.

“It is similar to the show itself. You have at least a 40 to 60-card deck and you play one on one, or multi-dual, and try to deplete your opponent’s life points down to zero. You try to win the match, with the monsters magic cards and try to counter them,” the club’s webmaster Austin Reveche said.

Magic, another trading card game, was created by Richard Garfield and has approximately twelve million players world wide as of 2011.

“Magic is different because you need a land to produce mana (energy) and that mana will be able to cast the creatures and spells,” Jefferson Matthews said. “Unlike Yu-Gi-Oh, you need the correct amount of mana, to do what you need for the term.”

Currently, the TCG club is still building their foundation and now consists of 10-12 members who are committed to the organization.

According to the Associated Student Organization, the TCG club is now an official Pierce College campus club.