Former Pierce athletic trainer’s assistant helps build lacrosse team at CSUN

Channell_La Crosse 1Athletes sometimes sacrifice what they love to play for the betterment of their lives.  Holly Sirotta had to sacrifice what she loved when she had to stop playing lacrosse, her favorite sport, so that she could move to California for an affordable education.  Now at California State University, Northridge, the former full-time Pierce College student and athletic trainer’s assistant has found her passion again and is back to playing lacrosse.

Sirotta, 22, is from Philadelphia, where she first discovered her love for lacrosse when she was about seven years old.

“My sister played before me. I followed her,” Sirotta  said.

Sirotta played varsity lacrosse at Arvington and Hempfield High School in Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles in 2010  to study kinesiology and sports science.  She plans to complete her kinesiology degree by December of 2015.

After completing her degree at CSUN, Sirotta plans to transfer to either Temple College in Philadelphia, Pa.  or the University of North Carolina located in Chapel Hill, N.C. But there’s one problem with North Carolina.

“North Carolina doesn’t have a lacrosse team,” Sirotta said.

Even in college, Sirotta has found time for lacrosse. Now she plays goalie for the Women’s Lacrosse Club for CSUN. Not only does she play on the team, she is also president and founder for the Women’s Lacrosse Club which is new to CSUN.

“We became official in December, 2014,” Sirotta said.

Including Sirotta, there are four members of the Lacrosse Club and their coach.

Their coach is 21-year-old  Gabriela Gomez, a forensic anthropology major at Pierce.  She started playing lacrosse when she was 14 years old. She played defender for the variety team at Glendale High School and the Granada Hills Club Team.

“Lacrosse has always been a big, big passion of mine. It’s a great way to relieve everyday stress. It’s a great sport, I encourage anyone to play it,” Gomez said.

Kirsten George is 19 years old and  plays cover point on the team. She played lacrosse in high school but likes it better in college.

“It’s easier in college because it’s a club team,” George said.

Mika Barnett-Ohori is 18 and plays front attack for the team. She played lacrosse in high school and picked up lacrosse again in college.

“I like being a part of a team. I like having school friends and team friends,” Barnett-Ohori said.

Allison Kotzbach is 18 and plays midfield for the team.  She also played varsity lacrosse with her sister in Redondo Union High School. She has been playing lacrosse for five years.

“I’m comfortable with a team. I like getting to bond with my teammates,” Kotzbach said.

The lacrosse team lost its first game, 15-7, against Biola University, but is working hard to improve according to Gomez.

“We lost, but it’s definitely a big learning experience for the girls,” Gomez said.

The women’s lacrosse team at CSUN is actively recruiting more members. A student does not need to be enrolled at CSUN to apply to be on the lacrosse team.  Students who would like more information can contact Holly Sirotta via email: