Falafels now next to the Bull

The Falafelicious food truck, which serves modern Mediterranean dishes at Pierce College, has moved further down the mall and can now be found parked adjacent to the Brahma Bull Sculpture.

Ofir Bass, co-owner of the Falafelicious restaurant and food truck, said Pierce’s administration requested for the truck to move due to the opening of the new Lovebirds Café underneath the library.

“The first day was tough because I think a lot of people thought we were gone,” Bass said. “They called the restaurant demanding the food truck to come back.”

Bass said he is thankful Brian Silk, an administrative analyst at Pierce, gave him a heads up in order to prepare for the move.

“We didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen because they kept changing the dates for the coffee place to open,” Bass said. “But he really helped me smooth things out and put a little sign out.”

Although Bass said the transition to the new location was nerve-wracking, he said he is grateful to have a place on campus.

“We really see a lot of students every day,” Bass said. “They actually end up at the restaurant during the weekends and it’s nice to see and recognize them.”

Andrew Arreola, a 19-year-old neuroscience major at Pierce and a customer of the Falafelicious food truck, said he was able to find its new location easily.

“I’m glad it’s still here because it’s really good,” Arreola said. “This option is healthier but you don’t lose taste when you eat it.”

Arreola, whose favorite item from the truck’s menu is the “Chicken Schnitzel Pita,” said Falafelicious will do well at their new spot in spite of their close proximity to the other vendors on campus.

“The café isn’t really competition to my knowledge because it’s a completely different variety,” Arreola said. “They’re not really in the same league.”

The Falafelicious food truck is open Monday through Thursday from 9:15 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.