Pros and Cons: Installing bicycle racks and skateboard docks is a good idea

At any campus transportation is crucial to student enrollment.

Some students may walk, drive, cycle, scoot, and even skateboard to campus throughout the semester.

Funds are commonly spent on ambiguous projects that have no immediate impact on current students, like the funding spent on several construction failures that have been initiated through the years at Pierce College.

So what would be the difference in building skateboard and bicycle racks across campus for those students who travel via bicycle and skateboard?

The Academic Senate recently raised concerns of perfecting student life and involvement on campus by building an atmosphere where students had more options to raise school spirit.

Even with policies condemning them, skateboarding and cycling have become a huge part of campus life here at Pierce College. Wouldn’t it make sense to fund something like skateboard docks and bicycle racks to facilitate the student culture?

Cost is usually the main factor for these choices of transportation when commuting to and from school for even professors. Anyone who has to pay to park on campus seldom enjoys facing the expense or even the struggle to commute to school in L.A traffic. Gas prices are rising higher than ever, further straining the student’s ability to survive after paying for classes and books.

So what is the crime in installing bicycle racks for students who may use this more than they may utilize the parking spot they have to pay for?

California State University Northridge has created an environment on campus that has alternatives for students such as having numerous bicycle racks around its campus. The result is that more students cycle to campus, so having the racks and docks also promotes green living.

It encourages students to be creative and use other means of transportation than cars, which emit greenhouse gases.

It is clear that students who travel from far areas to come to campus will not use skateboards and bicycles. However, the option still should be available.

Bicycle racks and skateboard docks would give the campus a more youthful atmosphere and may be a great way to recruit students who skateboard or cycle as a hobby. It would be a great way to diversify the campus in its look and also deem Pierce College to become more innovative in the efforts of accommodating student needs.

Remember, bicycle racks and docks are quick to install, unlike the current construction that is going on in the Village part of campus. For those who decide to keep driving, every docked bicycle or skateboard is potentially an empty parking space.