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Scooby’s Corner: Solutions to a better softball team

In recent years, at Pierce College, the record for the biggest eye sore is the Brahmas’ softball team. As a team in the past four years, they have combined to win four games under the direction of Pat Grennan.

Common logic after an abysmal four years under the helm would be to fire the coach, who has been at Pierce for the past 14 years, hire a new coach and get the team going in a new direction.

But for community college sports, it is not that easy. The coaches are under the LACCD teachers union so a coach is as much of a teacher as a professor is. In essence, a coach is really hard to fire. So what can a team do that has barely any funding, doesn’t have a good record and can’t fire their coach?

The only answer is to recruit and find better players. That is what Grennan needs to do to try and help this disheveled team become part of the elite class at Pierce College.

Here’s a start: some of the most famous softball players to ever play the game have come from Los Angeles in one way or another. For example, one of the most decorated softball players in the history of the game, Jennie Finch, was born in La Mirada in the Los Angeles area. One of the greatest pitchers of all time is from the Los Angeles area, born and raised.

So there is proof that there is definitely talent within the area of Los Angeles. Since that might be too wide an area, time to see where the talent is in the San Fernando Valley.

One only needs to look no further than a drive up Valley Circle Blvd to find El Camino Real High School. Along with producing star athletes like former Dodgers and Phillies pitcher Randy Wolf and former Falcons running back Larry Johnson, the Conquistadors have won more softball city titles than any team in LA City section.

So where is the issue? Where is the issue in terms of finding talent? Grennan does not have to go far out of his way to find at least one player with talent who played at El Camino Real or any other school in the Valley for that matter. It is about showing commitment to the players and the brand that you’re trying to promote to want players come out and play for you.

Everyone has bad seasons and that is understandable. It might even be understandable if you didn’t win a game, just because things didn’t pan out. But the lack of commitment being shown by coach Grennan in addition to assistant coach Danny Moore is flat out sickening.

Something needs to change and it starts with the coaches. It is time for the coaches to develop a program the Pierce sports community can be proud of.

Ethan Hanson
Staff Reporter - Fall 2013 Sports Editor - Spring 2014, Fall 2014

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