Winter Session 2015 full go

Pierce College will have a Winter Session in 2015, according to Dean of Academic Affairs Barbara Anderson.

The Winter Session’s schedule of classes will be posted on Pierce’s website in early November with registration opening soon after. Classes should begin in early January.

“We try to provide classes that are in-demand for students,” she said. “We want to help students keep that forward momentum going.”

Unlike the similarly-shortened Summer Session, winter classes take place over a single five-week period. Winter classes generally meet two to four times per week, depending on how many hours are required per class. Unlike the Summer Session, there are no eight-week courses in the winter.

Many general education and prerequisite classes will be offered in 2015. The 2014 Winter Session class schedule is available on Pierce’s website, which should give an idea of which classes should be available during the 2015 session.

Classes are selected for Winter Session after considering many factors, according to Anderson. Factors include enrollment rates and how well the class can be taught within the condensed timespan.

“We look historically at previous winters, and we look at what worked,” she said. “There may be something that could work well in summer, but wouldn’t necessarily work well in the winter.”

Some students find it better to take certain classes during the shortened Winter Session, while others prefer the longer spring and fall terms.

“Having the winter courses is very beneficial to the students,” said 21-year-old Neurobiology major Nico Reeve. “When it came to be the end of the class, I could remember stuff I’d learned just five weeks ago as opposed to 15.”

However, some Pierce students find the condensed schedule too short.

“I shouldn’t have taken the class (Math 125),” said 19-year-old Veterinary Technology major Karen Martinez. “Maybe English, but not a math class.”