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Con: Plastic bag ban

California residents are being pressured into believing that banning the use of free plastic bags is the best alternative to helping the environment and our economic needs.

This ban, also known as bill SB-270, was introduced on Feb. 14, 2013 by state senators Alex Padilla, Kevin de León, and Ricardo Lara.

During the gubernatorial debate on Sept. 4, 2014, Gov. Jerry Brown said that the ban takes into account our needs, the needs of the environment, and the economy.

What he didn’t mention is how the needs would be met.

This ban would have plastic bags replaced by paper bags in most stores.

Brown said the paper bags will benefit the environment, but omitted the true facts behind the statewide enforcement of the new bags.

According to a study by the U.K. Environment Agency, each paper bag would have to be used three times before its global warming impact is lower than that of plastic bags.

Brown’s argument is misleading because he omits the facts that show that stopping the distribution of plastic bags isn’t as economically friendly as we’ve been led to believe.

There is a lack of facts that would give residents of California a valid reason to accept the idea of no longer receiving something for free.

Emphasis on the word something, since we live in a world where everything has a price tag.

On top of the misleading reason behind the proposed ban, there will now be a statewide charge of 10 cents per paper bag

If plastic bags were free, why aren’t the paper ones?

California is known for its glitz and glamour, but behind all of that, is the harsh reality that it has the nation’s highest poverty rate, according to the Census Bureau.

Spending a dime per paper bag can have a quick financial impact on the 23.8 percent of California residents who live below the poverty line.

If Brown had solid facts to support his ban, then maybe most of California’s residents would agree.


Lynn Rosado
Staff Reporter/Sports Editor --- Fall 2014 Sports Editor --- Spring 2015

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