Missing permits prevent LA36 broadcast of Pierce College football games

Local news station LA36 will resume broadcasting Pierce College’s home football games after they were forced to stop production last season due to lack of permits.

LA36 had to stop broadcasting Pierce’s home football games because they didn’t have the all proper permits, according to coach Efrain Martinez.

“We got everything squared away, and the paperwork is done,” Martinez said.

The permits needed to be approved by the College Board and that can take up to a month and a half according to Production Coordinator for LA36 Billy Valdivia.

“But the by time we would have had the proper permits approved the season would have been over,” Production Coordinator for LA36 Billy Valdivia said.

Now that the 2014 season has started all the permits are in order and broadcasting can continue to give Pierce local and national recognition.

“The problem was getting the permits issued,” Martinez said.

Pierce gets exposure by having the home games broadcast on TV which can be beneficial to the school, according to Martinez.

Some players do believe that having the games broadcast is beneficial to them and their families.It may also affect their oppprtunities at getting into a four-year university if coaches from those school are watching those games on LA36, according to freshman kicker Brandyn Alonso.

“I have family that usually watches it when it’s broadcast,” Alonso said.

Some football players feel that having LA36 broadcast the games and put together highlights  gives them good recognition for their transfer and football career goals.

Alonso said he came to Pierce for the great football program and how it helps the players get picked up by a four-year university and excel in their positions.

“It helps us with recruiting the local players out here because they see us on television,” Martinez said.

Having the games broadcast on television allows the players family members who are not able to make to the home games a chance to watch and support the, according to Defensive Line coach Kort Huettinger.

“I’ve got a lot of people back home that want to watch me play,” defensive back from Philadelphia Darius Williams said.

Once the network started to realize that the Brahmas were getting more press and it was not just parents watching the game on TV it became apparent that filming needed to continue.

“Scouts were actually logging in and watching,” Valdivia said.

With the past few games being a struggle for the Brahmas they’ve been working hard in their practices in all areas to make the team work better together as one.

“We have a puzzle and all the pieces are broken so we’ve been trying to piece them all together,” Martinez said.

LA36 will be at the Brahmas next home game against L.A. Southwest at 7 p.m.Saturday Oct. 18.