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Player of the week: Jhanard Dorsett (Oct. 20)

Freshman running back Jhanard Dorsett had two touchdowns and ran for 120 yards last weekend in the Brahmas game against Los Angeles Southwest. Dorsett, 18, is originally from Florida but moved to California to play football.

How did you hear about the Pierce College football program?

“I first heard about California football from a friend who stayed in California and played here, they get a lot of people out [to Division 1 schools].” “My brother and I wanted to take a vacation to California anyways, so we came out here to check out schools and I fell in love with Pierce College from day one.”

How long have you been playing football and what’s your history with the sport?

“I’ve been playing since I was 5 years old. It’s a family thing, my uncle was in the NFL and my cousin plays. I just came from a football family.”

Dorsett’s uncle is Tony Dorsett, who played for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, and was initiated in the Hall of Fame in 1994. He also won the Heisman trophy in 1976 while playing for the University of Pittsburgh.

How do you feel about being named Player of the week?

“I think it’s exciting. I came a long way, coming straight out of high school and adjusting to college football and I just like making plays for my team.”

What do you think about the football team’s success so far this season?

“Right now, I think we got off to a slow start and everyone wasn’t really trusting each other. We have a feel and a spark right now. I think we can keep it up and we know where we are right now and just get better from here.”

What is the team doing differently now thats enabling you to succeed?

“Everybody is trusting each other, making plays and not down talking each other. We’re basically lifting each other up and feeding off each others energy.”

Is there a certain athlete that you model your game after?

“I would say Shake (Shakeem Wharton), every time he goes in, I go in and we feed off each other’s energy.”

As for professional athletes, Dorsett models his game after Giovani Bernard the running back for the Cincinnati Bengals and his uncle, Tony Dorsett.

What keeps you focused and how do you prepare for games?

“What keeps me focused in the games would be my inspiration and just wanting to make a play and help my team win. Just living for the feel of the fire of making that play that will help my team make the play too.”

Do some games mean more to you than others?

“Right now, I treat every game the same whether its big or small I come in with the same attitude about making the play.”

How do you feel about this weekend against Santa Barbara and what are you doing to prepare?

“I think our running game is really strong, so I think we have to work on our passing game.”

Do you feel like your teammates and coaches rely on you?

“I’m pretty sure everyone relies on each other. I rely on my line and we all just hope to make the plays.”

What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

“I want to rush for 100 yards every game, at least go over 100 and score every game.”

What do you think your team can accomplish?

“I think from here on out we can expect to win games and hopefully play the bowl game.”

What’s your favorite memory so far while playing for Pierce?

“Right now it’s just being a team player. The locker rooms and not just necessarily on the field but off the field team bonding with my teammates.”

What do you think the team moral is like?

“I would say we’re getting closer and closer to a family. I wouldn’t say we’re completely there right now but as every game goes by and we know the feeling of losing, it just makes us stronger and more hungry and keeps us connected as a family.”

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