Food Review: Something’s Fishy





The pointy, tiled roof constructed like a traditional Japanese house might cause traffic on the congested street Ventura Blvd as cars slow down to read the illuminating red letters of the sign for Something’s Fishy.

Intricate, colorful paintings of Japanese art inside the dimly lit restaurant, create a warm welcome for customers that come through the doors on a busy Thursday night.

They are greeted by the cooks behind the sushi bar, while friendly hosts ask if you want to be seated at the teppan grill or the sushi bar.

The restaurant is filled with attentive and helpful waiters that attend to customers seated at white-sheeted tables. Each waiter serves a plateful of different kinds of food, which have a tasty and colorful presentation.

The sushi, varying from tempura shrimp spicy tuna rolls, to the salmon and Obama rolls, have the restaurant’s signature brown sauce that is carefully drizzled on the plate underneath them. Each roll is the perfect size to eat in one bite, as the soy sauce soaks the rice and the combination of seaweed and shrimp make your tongue tingle.

Specialties from the sushi bar consist of tuna tartar, spicy tuna biscuit, yellow peon, and the poke tuna salad, which is their most ordered specialty. It has a zingy, mouthwatering flavor from the avocado and cucumber kelp mixed with a hawaiian dressing that has a freshness to the taste.

A variety of muted television screens are set to the NFL channel, while the smell of the Japanese food circulates the atmosphere. It is also combined with the aroma of the teppan cooking in the large, adjacent room. You can hear the sizzling of the grill and the loud cheers and claps from impressed customers watching talented cooks prepare a meal in front of them.

The prices of the teppan grill are slightly pricier than the regular dining and sushi menu. The teppan grill has lunch and dinner specials that range from $10.95 to $23.95, depending on what kind of chicken, shrimp, beef, or filet mignon meal is made.

The regular dining of the half price roll menu is what usually attracts those on a tight budget. The prices start from $2.90 to $4 at most, with portions that are exceptionally decent.

The dessert of chocolate, strawberry, or green tea ice cream, mochi, and fried tempura ice cream are served in small, delicate portions to help alter the fishy after-taste to a delicious and sweet one.

Something’s Fishy is worth the money for someone wanting a little bit of everything when it comes to Japanese meals. The service is fast paced and the quality of the food is the reason for the restaurant’s returning customers.