Pro: Off-campus offerings

Having the option to take classes off-campus helps students further that step into achieving their goals.

In most cases, many students are not picked from the lottery drawing for that class and all hope is lost, especially if it was the one class they needed in order to transfer.

They crash the class because they needed to gather up money to pay their enrollment fees before signing up for classes.

Or maybe after finally scheduling an appointment with a counselor, they are informed to sign up for another class that will fulfill a transfer requirement that the student possibly overlooked.

Finding a class that fits your schedule at another community college like Valley or Moorpark only creates another headache, since there are many others who will take the same action.

Many students are eager to transfer out of Pierce, which is why it is crucial to have more options for open classes.

It is better to have more open classes than none at all. Off-campus classes also have smaller attendance, leaving that option broader in adding a class.

We all want to transfer as soon as possible, even if that means driving a few miles to attend an off-campus class at El Camino Real or Calabasas High School, which are just a couple of the campuses that provide this option.

It might be annoying seeing a couple high school students that attend the off-campus class, however it is more annoying prolonging the transfer out of Pierce. Lets face it, the longer you stay at Pierce, the more everyone starts to look like baby high school students anyway.

A mature, focused college student will not let stepping on to a high school campus or driving a little farther stop them from furthering his or her future goals.

Off-campus classes provide more options for students to choose classes instead of having to crash them.