Pro: E-Cigarettes and Hookah Pens

Smoking tobacco is a bad influence on people, especially when they start at a young age. Tobacco can cause so many issues all over your body. It can start damage in areas such as the heart, lung, vision, blood cells and so on. It’s disturbing to see young people smoking because tobacco is effecting in many different ways.

Now you see commercials from people who are trying to make a change to convince people to quit smoking. That is why former addicts are being shown and how smoking has affected their lives when they started at a young age.

It is disturbing to see people who struggled with nicotine addiction broadcasted to the world.

Ever since those commercials appeared on television, there has been a better solution to help people who smoke kick the habit.

Electronic cigarettes and hookah pens have been introduced to the world as a healthier alternative for both smokers and the environment. They also get people to smoke less tobacco and realize the benefits that come with this practice. If you’re thinking of buying an ecigarette or eliquid visit this website, you can buy starter kits as well as eliquid in a variety of flavours.

E-cigarettes have been making changes lately. According to Phil Wahba from Fortune, it is said that by the year 2018, the amount of E-cigs in the United States is expected to grow nearly 24 percent per year, with about $1.5 billion in the market. With this being said, it has been said companies like v2 cigs shutdown their doors. This means for people who use this type of e-cigarette will have to find their smoking accessories elsewhere. As there are many companies who cater to this industry, there is definitely a solution.

The amount of tobacco cigarettes in the United States has dropped 29.6 percent since 2004 and continues to decrease as time goes on.

In the spring of 2010, thanks in part of the Working Environment Committee, Pierce prohibited smoking on campus and has been smoke-free for five years.

The only exception the WEC offered was that students can only smoke in designated areas. That was probably a better way keep students who smoke, outside of campus and not affect other students. What has been most useful around campus are E-cigarettes and hookah pens. Vapoizers like, Davinci Miqro , are also useful since it uses flavored liquids, this makes it user friendly for students and pleasant for those around them.

For years after the campus prohibited smoking, students have gotten into the habit of using E-cigarettes instead of opening a pack.

E-cigarettes and hookah pens don’t harm the environment or people around them. They are a healthier way of breathing in air free of poisonous chemicals.
E-cigs and hookah pens should be allowed on campus because they don’t smell as bad as tobacco and it does no harm to people around campus. Because of the success of E-cigs, less students on campus smoke tobacco while the presence of E-cigs continues to increase.