Student suffers panic attack at Freudian Sip, carried away by paramedics

A female student had a panic attack and was carried away by paramedics at Pierce College’s Freudian Sip café around 12:30 p.m.

Crystal Barrera watched the events unfold.

“I literally was just looking at my music, and all of a sudden she was on the floor,” eyewitness Crystal Barrera said. “She kept saying it hurts, it hurts, and was crying in agony.”

Miguel Menjivar, an employee at the café, interacted with the student moments before her collapse.

“I was helping a customer. She asked for some honey. By the time I got it she was on the ground. “Menjivar said. “I put a cold compress on her head and let the sheriffs take it from there.”

Menjivar temporarily shut down the café during the event for safety reasons.

Campus security refused to comment.