Brahma of the week – Jeanelly Chavez – Soccer

(Photo by: Luis Ayala)
(Photo by: Luis Ayala)

What keeps you motivated throughout the year?

“The fact that I love playing soccer and the bond we have with the girls, I love it. We’re very energetic with each other outside the field, especially.”

“Do you have any pre-game rituals?

We always do inspiration. Inspiration is like we motivate each other. Someone [on the team] gives a speech to motivate us and do well before the game. I have before… We take turns each game.

What has been your favorite moment throughout the season?

“Scoring. I never expected to score at this level. It’s hard, it’s tough.”

How do you deal with pressure?

“I try to take it in. Personally, it has gotten to me, but i’ve learned how to handle that and take than in a positive way, rather than a negative way.”

How do you prepare for your games?

“I just tell myself this is just another game. I’ve played soccer throughout my years. I’m just playing the sport I love to play.”

When the season is over what you hoped that you’ve accomplished?

“Maybe become one of the captains.”

Do you feel like your teammates rely on you?

“Not personally, no I don’t think that. I think we as a team work together, we can’t just rely on someone. In a way they do on the field… that I have to do my part… and do the work I have to do on the field, but everyone sees you have to do your thing.

Are you going to beat Moorpark?

Of course we are. We have to in order to be champions.