Population Pierce: Gabe Dalessandro

I came to Pierce in July. Stoked to play and compete with other people. I play slot receiver. It was going really great until I hurt my knees. My tendons in my knees became too inflamed from working too much. After that, I went to the doctor, got an MRI. They told me I was going to be out for four months. The problem was, I really wanted to get after it, so I was doing too much work, instead of quality work. So what I am doing now is rehabbing my legs, making sure I get in good quality workouts. I have been working on my legs way more, lifting, a lot of balance stuff too. People don’t realize how much balance helps with support in your knees. I’m in the training room twice a week for ultrasounds. I will be back and going in the next couple of weeks. I will be out for the spring. I will be doing my job next year, hopefully catching for a thousand yards.”