A multi-cultural coalition

Peace. Multiculturalism. Inclusion.

The Blatigenous (Black, Latino, and Indigenous) club at Pierce College seeks to build a community with these three things.

The Blatigenous Club is a progressive social justice group, focused on the socioeconomics of Black, Latina/o, and Indigenous peoples.

“It’s highly a politically motivated group that’s working on the concepts of coalition building,” Faculty Advisor James Mckeever said. “This group [Blatigenous Club] is going to deal with issues that have to deal with Black, Latino, and Indigenous students, but also deal with issues outside of the campus.”

Mckeever said that their focus is primarily on the three groups because they’re at the bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy.

Mckeever encourages people that are not Black, Latino, or Indigenous to join, and build a coalition by acquiring more ‘allies.’

“We care about the outcomes of Asian or White, brothers and sisters, or anyone,” Mckeever said. “If anyone is interested in the issues that affect them on a daily basis, and want to feel empowered and do something, join the club.”

Mckeever believes that what they’re fighting for will affect everyone of all races. He says that they want to lower tuitions and raise the minimum wage to $15 h/r.

“It’s that concept of raising all votes,” Mckeever said. “Working to people at the bottom of the socioeconomic hierarchy is a benefit to you.”

The Blatigenous club does not believe in any form of hierarchy, so they do not have an official  president.

“We’re a group. We’re a collective. We work together. No one’s voice is more important than the other’s,” Mckeever said. “We believe that each voice here counts, in the same way.”

Rene Paredes, club member, said that the fact that they do not have any designated positions and horizontal structure, makes their club unique.

“That helps to encourage a community within the group,” Paredes said. “Anyone can do what they feel most comfortable doing.”

Joe Hernandez, another club member, said that any new member is always welcome and will immediately feel a sense of belonging and pride for the club.

Members of the club have planned and had several events this semester, which included: cultural events, food, bands, and art.

The club is currently planning for a “Black Lives Matter Event” and a “Women’s Right’s Movement.”

The Blatigenous club meets every Wednesday in room 1300, from 2:30 p.m. – 3:45 p.m.