Brahmas, lions and cars, oh my..

Shanon Volpis is a commuter student. With a heavy emphasis on commuter.


Volpis commutes around 22 miles to school from her home, yet still finds time to get everything done that she needs.


“Growing up I was made fun of a lot because I looked different than the other kids, but I liked where I lived and the schools I went to were great. I think because of it I’m where I am today,” Volpis said.


With her full schedule, Shanon Volpis still manages to be a full time student and play for the  volleyball team at Pierce College.


While attending Pierce, Volpis also attends Loyola Marymount University.


“I take eight classes in total, it’s all about time management, I do not have a social life. I literally eat, sleep, play volleyball, and do homework,” Volpis said.


Sports have always came easy to Volpis. She has been playing tennis since she was four years old as both her parents were athletes. Her dad played professional basketball in Italy and her mother played tennis her whole life and throughout college.


During her high school years Volpis participated in track and basketball. Originally the coach from her high school volleyball team recruited her because she was tall.


“I wanted to play anyways because I love sports and they didn’t have a tennis team,” Volpis said.


Two years into playing for the varsity team she got a concussion. This stopped Volpis from participating in sports and affected her academic side as well.


“I was failing all my classes and I would forget things after I got the concussion,” Volpis said.


She slowly recovered and started playing once again when she came to pierce.


“She’s improving and definitely helps a lot because she’s tall and takes a lot of the court up,” said assistant coach Kristin Dolan.


Volleyball is not the passion for Volpis. Instead she takes fascination in the medical field. She is a bio major and wants to go to medical school to become a doctor.


Having her family and a good support system around her, is the only way she can manage all of this.


“Nabil has helped me so much, he’s by far the best coach I have ever had in my life,” Volpis said.


Head coach Nabil Mardini respects all the things that Volpis does on and off the court.


“She makes sacrifices and does a lot for the team, you have to admire that and the fact that she’s going full time at LMU and Pierce, with all of that she also interns at UCLA. She’s a busy woman and student,” Mardini said.


Volpis’ goal is to get scouted by UCLA and play with a volleyball scholarship.
“I really want to go to UCLA, the dream is to play for them and study there, that is what I’m aspiring for,” Volpis said.