Pro: Taking intersession classes

Taking classes during summer and winter break may sometimes seem tiring, but it is the most efficient way to stay focused on the long term goal – to obtain a degree. Long-term breaks may be detrimental to a student’s focus, and can lead to distractions from succeeding in college.

Taking an intersession course will set a student on a fast track to success. In enables a student to get ahead, or stay on track of the goal to graduate. If a student takes a mandatory class during break, this allows them to take a different class when the normal school semester starts. This way students can get ahead on their educational plan, and transfer or graduate, sooner than expected.

Young adults who attend community college after high school usually have a plan to transfer after two years. This is because most counselors tell them that it is possible. However,  most students don’t realize how hard this is to accomplish. The best way to reach a two year goal is to take courses during summer and winter break.

Every student can relate to being stressed because of too much work. It is hard to juggle multiple classes during one semester, especially if they are trying to complete 60 units in two years. Think about completing a five page essay, math homework, science homework and writing and practicing a speech, all in one night. This can lead to sleepless nights, which is not an effective way to retain information studied the night before. A way to avoid this type of stress, is to take less classes during the semester, and taking one during summer or winter break.

In addition to decreasing stress, taking a class during an intersession can lead to better grades. It will allow a student to focus clearly on one class. It is much easier to obtain an A with less stress during a semester.

Intersession courses are much shorter than semester courses. Semester courses tend to run around 16 weeks. Winter and summer sessions will usually run about four to five weeks. Having a shorter class can help a student succeed in a class they might normally struggle with.  If a student has a hard time with math, taking a math course during break will allow them to focus just on that class. They can put all of their energy into obtaining a good grade.

The possibility of achieving better grades, and graduating faster than expected, are both important reasons a student should take intersession courses.