Pierce at night

When the sun sets, the mood on campus shifts. The atmosphere is more relaxed compared to the hustle and bustle of the day—but still is alive and vibrant. Stars glimmer over the Brahma statue and lights sparkle along the Mall, leading the late night crowd through the campus. Those who attend night classes are often committed to work or child rearing during the day, so they attend college classes after dark.
Students are guided by the beacon of the Library / Learning Crossroads clock to the building’s well-lit steps where they congregate and converse. The sundial near Victory Parking Lot 7 transforms from a time-telling device into a sculpture silhouetted against the ambient light of the Mall. In the later hours of the night, the remaining students begin to filter off campus, and taillights can be seen trailing out of the lots. Another night comes to a close at Pierce College.