Aspiring model focuses on her degree

Every dream comes with an opportunity to conceive and fulfill it. For aspiring model and actress Jamie Daugherty, 21, the chance to came by way of working as a freelance model for the American Broadcasting Company or “ABC Network.”

Daugherty began modeling at the age of 18. Long hours and scheduling can be hectic at times, but she finds joy in her work. Daugherty sees it as an experience that she can learn and grow from.

“This opportunity with ABC has been really great,” Daugherty said. “Taking this chance has lead me to explore new things I can do, and new places I can go.”

Daugherty is a Communications major in her sophomore year at Pierce College. While she must divide herself between a busy work schedule and school, Daugherty keeps her mind set on the task at hand.

It is her goal to transfer to California State University Northridge next year, and obtain a degree in communications by the close of 2018. As she works toward concluding her journey in higher education, Daugherty continues to pursue a career in modeling.

Daugherty recalls how abruptly the chance to work for ABC came. It was in the middle of the winter intersession when she was contacted by an unexpected caller.

“This opportunity came out of nowhere,” Daugherty said. “I was in a class during the winter session and I got a call from Culver City, and I am grateful for it.”

Daugherty signed with ABC soon after and began modeling for the company in January.

She has appeared on shows such as Girls Rock, Luscious Waves, Coco Rocha and FAB Life in her tenure there. FAB Life and Coco Rocha are her most recent projects, which will be airing in mid May 2016.

When she is not cramming for midterms or out on “go-see”—casting calls put out by agencies who are scouting models for upcoming shows—Daugherty spends her free time travelling with her friends and roommates.

Despite her newfound success, Daugherty has remained humbled. Those who know her, say Daugherty’s “bright and open” personality her best trait.

“She is an unforgettable and and amazing person,” said Giovanni Rosalez, 21. “Her biggest joy is to make everyone around her happy.”

Like Rosalez, Ruby Sanchez is not only Daugherty’s roommate, but her companion as well. Sanchez, 20, has recognized that while her friend may be constantly in the spotlight, it is also her nature to give others credit where it is due.

“[Jamie] is not to only be the life of the party, but she also gives others recognition,” Sanchez said.

As a child who was homeschooled up until the age of 14, Daugherty had time to travel with her family.

Some of her her favorite memories are of the spontaneous trips the family took in their RV. They travelled from state to state, enjoying different cities they visited.

“A really big part of me is travelling,” Daugherty said. “The one thing I stand for is my love to travel and explore.”

Though she was able to enjoy freedom to travel that homeschooling offered, Daugherty struggled to connect with other peers when she entered the public school system.

Daugherty became notorious among fellow classmates for her inquisitive nature and hunger for knowledge. Soon after, she broke the barrier and was able to become friends with those in her class.

Sanchez credits Daugherty’s natural inclination to observe others with her ability to make friends with those around her.

“She found her understanding of people by watching their reactions after she did something,” Sanchez said. “Jamie is very genuine, and everything comes from her heart.”

Daugherty has grown from her experiences, once she was able to interact with her other peers.

“She [Daugherty] is smart and very trustworthy,” Sanchez said. “She is a people person, and that’s rare now days, she is one of a kind and I’m glad we’ve become friends.”

In December 2014, Daugherty, Sanchez and Rosalez took a spontaneous trip to New York to watch the ball drop in Times Square as the year ended, and 2015 began. It was a spur of the moment decision, but one she “will never forget.”

Feeling the urge to traverse the globe once more, Daugherty has begun planning her next adventure. She has set her sights on traveling to Europe in 2016 to be with Rosalez, who will be studying abroad during the trip.

“She is planning to go to Spain to visit me, and travel around Europe for a month while I’ll be there,” Rosalez said.

While modeling and achieving a college degree are her immediate aspirations, Daugherty’s dream is to see as much of the world as she can.

“There are so much possibilities and opportunities, and travelling keeps a person open minded, especially if they feel stuck in life at some point,” Daugherty said.