Bring back cart-pooling

Pierce and other colleges in the district will be subject to golf cart restrictions due to a new policy that came from the Los Angeles Community Colleges District Risk Management Department.

David Serrano, the Risk manager of Human Resources of the district sent the policy to the Rolf Schleicher, Vice President of administration. It prohibits unauthorized passengers from riding in the golf cart. The passengers include students and co-workers who come and go to their automobiles. The carts can’t be used for escorting people to and from buildings.

The issuance of the memo was based on an accommodation request sent under the Americans with Disability Act by a faculty member at a different college. However, the Los Angeles Community Colleges Board of Trustees can only issue the policy.

Colleges can have a golf cart that is designed for emergency transport purposes only. The athletic trainers for example, can use the golf carts as they use them to transport injured or ill athletes.

However, if it’s not an athlete that is injured or ill then they can’t get the service that an athlete would get. The injured person is usually helped by third party ambulatory services.

It would be a disservice due to the amount of students that end up in hospital beds for minor injuries instead of being transported to the health center. Why would they want to be in a hospital bed if they could have treatment at the center?

The health center over the years has relied on the sheriffs to be the first responders to transport students for treatment. With this new policy the students are greatly impacted. The  center is understaffed and the workers can’t leave patients to retrieve someone else from a different location on campus.

The golf carts can be used for regular work duties. All drivers must have a license, an acceptable driving record and also undergo a training for these vehicles.

The district participates in the California Department of Motor Vehicles Pull Notice system where each driver submits a form to Risk Management. This authorizes the district to be notified about actions taken by the DMV on any registered license. It provides electronic communication to the district in regards to validation of a driver’s license. If no forms have been submitted then the driver will not be allowed to drive.

In addition to, the driver must  go through a safe driving and defensive driver training through the District’s Environmental Health and Safety Specialist or any of the campus trainers which is also known as the Train the Trainer Program.

The carts also can’t be used to transport students who are under the ADA. There is a shuttle bus that provides transportation however all operators will have to go through ADA Service Training.

Furthermore, the carts should be made available at anytime in case an emergency happens. So, why don’t we give the same benefits not only to athletes, but to any student who might need it?

Instead of having all the ambulance and fire trucks outside making a scene on campus, it should be required for faculty to attend training so they can get informed on how to use the golf carts properly. The repercussion of the new policy will affect students and faculty. Why not allow advisors who are certified to use the golf carts and allow passengers to be escorted safely.