Cuesta capitalizes on Pierce’s errors

Coming into the first game the girls were off to a steady start against Cuesta before losing in Tuesday’s double header.

Freshman Centerfielder Elana Caballero had a single and a steal of second base during bottom of the first inning. Pierce had a few hits in, including Freshman Ashley Quicana’s single in the bottom of the second inning.

Although with a few hits, the girls were unable to get on the board and during the top of the third inning Cuesta had a triple leading to a runner in going into the bottom of the third inning.

During the top of the fourth inning was when Pierce’s back to back errors led to more than four runs in for Cuesta giving them a 8-0 lead.

Entering the top of the fifth inning the team got somewhat of a groove back, that led to only a single for Cuesta, and Freshman Vanessa Galdamez caught Cuesta runner stealing second base leading into the bottom of the fifth.

Pierce had a couple of singles to start the bottom, but was not able to bring runners in. First game was called at the bottom of the fifth, with a score of Cuesta 8, Pierce 0.

Heading into the second game there was a switch of pitchers for Pierce, Freshman Pitcher Madison Tupper had pitched all the first game but was switched to first base, leaving Freshman Dreina Gonzales to pitch.

Pierce came off hot on defense during the top of the first inning with a double play but Cuesta was still able to get a run in. As Gonzales struggled pitching, three Cuesta runners walked. Shortly after a single brought in two more runners giving them a 4-0 lead to start the first inning.

Brahmas struggled on offense during the bottom of the first they were unable to get any hits in. With exhaustion and frustration coming into play for the girls, Cuesta scored a homerun that brought in two runners followed by a double to enter the second inning. Bottom of the second, Freshman outfielder was hit on the left elbow but was able get to first. She was caught stealing second getting her out at third base.

Cuesta just took Pierce’s errors to their advantage and kept bringing in runners to start the third inning. Bases were loaded for Cuesta bringing in all three runners to start the third inning, they had a 12 nothing lead over the Brahmas.

On Defense, Pierce was helped one of Cuesta’s runners getting a circle violation during the top of the 4th inning. During the bottom of the fifth inning Quicana had a double but was the girls were still unable to get any runs in after the second game.

Freshman Catcher, Maria Palacios said, “ In today’s game it made me realize that we are capable of getting 3 outs in a row, we are able to play good but I think once we have been losing a lot we have been down a lot. But we all learn we need to communicate more and come in more confident coming out of the box.”

Freshman outfielder Ashley Quicana added, “It’s a learning experience, it’s really fun playing with the girls we just need to come together as a team, push through and fight until we make it.”

“We come out and we show a lot of poise in the beginning and then we find a way to just shoot ourselves in the foot” assistant coach Danny Moore said. “It has kind of become an issue with this team we have a very young team, we are made up of all freshmen and winning is a learning thing, we just need to learn how to win” Moore added.

The girl’s last couple of games are against Ventura and Moorpark, hopefully they can pull through and get those wins to close the season.