Pierce loses to Vaqueros

Pierce pitcher Derek Galvin gave up two runs in the first inning, and six runs in total to the Vaqueros in a 11-8 loss on Thursday at Joe Kelly Field.

Galvin threw 21 pitches in the first inning, hitting a batter and giving up a two RBI double to catcher Jake Gagain.

Vaqueros pitcher Davis Messer lasted 6 ⅔ innings and gave up five runs. In the first inning he was able to retire the first three batters for Pierce in quick fashion.

In the the second inning, however, he gave up five runs by allowing doubles by the Brahmas. The big play of the inning was when Evan Yeager hit a triple in right field allowing three runners to score and tie the game before the took the 5-3 lead after two innings.

“When I go to the plate I just hit the ball to get on base,” Yeager said. “It so happened that I had runners on base and the ball went far enough to put us on the scoreboard.”

In the middle of the second inning the Brahmas paid tribute to the late Prince and played a song of his during the break.

The Brahmas would not enjoy the lead for very long though. After three pitching changes from Pierce the Vaqueros came back and scored three more runs in the top of the third inning . They were able to hit doubles and a home run to retake the lead of 6-5 to end the inning. Santa Barbara would hold on to their lead from there.

In the fourth inning Santa Barbara would score two more runs off of the Brahmas bullpen and expand their lead 8-5.

“It was a close game, but we just came out and played hard today,” said Vaqueros Coach Jeff Walker. “It was a competitive game.”

The Vaqueros scored two more runs in the sixth inning expanding their lead more 10-5. The Brahmas would not give up though as they tried to rally back. They scored a run to cut the lead, but the Vaqueros would come back and score one more run to make it 11-6.

The Brahmas tried to stay in the game. They scored two more runs in the eighth inning to cut the lead again, but that was all they were able to do.

The Vaqueros closing pitcher Tristen Klier was able to get three quick out in the bottom of the ninth inning to secure their victory on Thursday.

“I went to the mound confident I would be able to close out this game,” Klier said.

The Brahmas have a two game series to end their season against Cuesta College. The first game will be on Thursday, April 28 at Joe Kelly Field. Their final game will be on Saturday, April 30 at Cuesta College.