Pro: Paid advertising brings revenue for school

Government funding and tuition are the primary ways colleges receive money. Advertising is way for Pierce to increase income beyond the traditional.

Colleges need ways to make money besides fundraisers that are hard to organize and funding from the government. Paid ads can be in print, posted around campus or interactive online.

Online ads can target large crowds and be cost effective in the ways to generate awareness and attract prospects. The placement of print ads in high traffic areas on campus can also generate attention, and students and faculty may be interested in what the ads offer.

Ads are an easy way to promote a product, service or gain information because people see ads everywhere. Ads are on television, billboards, busses and many other places. Allowing paid ads on college campuses would help the campus with money and build consciousness for different brands.

Having incentives on the online ads landing pages, and listed on the print ads can improve the chances of having successful ads.

According to Ruffalo Noel Levitz 2015 E-Expectations Report, more than one-third of prospective students have clicked on a paid interactive ad from a college website.

Prospective students are more inclined to click on ads listed on google or other search engines, but if the motivation to click on ads on college web pages is high enough, they may decide to click on them even more often.

One of the best ways to advertise to students in print is in the school newspaper. It allows the ads to be in the hands of the students and faculty when they pick up the paper.

According to NAM Youth Marketing, college newspapers have a 95 percent readership. College newspaper advertising is a marketing tool that can reach the majority of students frequently, while increasing sales and generating brand awareness.

Interesting stories on the front page bring students, faculty and staff to read the newspaper. Once these people have begun reading the paper, ads can be easily seen as they flip through the pages.

If clubs, organizations, departments or outside vendors want to post information about upcoming events on or off campus, they should pay to post them. The fee could generate funds.

Paying a fee to the business office for posting their ads for upcoming events for a certain amount of time can help raise money for the campus. The longer the ad is posted, the higher the fee should be.

These three ways to use paid ads on campus could benefit the school in a positive way. Ads like Chic-Fil-A, Microsoft or Amazon could be good ads to be placed on campuses because they offer discounts to students, and the incentive can generate more awareness.

Many clothing stores, websites, food locations and apps offer students discounts, and the lure allows for more exposure while benefitting both the brand and the person using it.