College Fair Extraordinaire

High school students from across the San Fernando Valley gathered on campus to meet a myriad of college representatives for Pierce’s College Fair Extraordinaire.

More than 1,000 students and families present at Pierce’s College Fair Extraordinaire chased after chances to visit university booths set up by faculty, Peer-2-Peer volunteers and about 70 colleges in and out of California on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Juan Carlos Astorga, Dean of Student Engagement, describes the fair as “really celebrating … getting to talk to all of these different campuses and recruiters about the choices that they are making.”

Tents lined the Mall outside of the library. Out of 90 commitments, approximately 70 colleges managed one tent each to help prospective students in high school and college seek advice and guidance regarding their future education. Families supported their students by supplying questions, experience and by holding lots of brochures.

“Offering direction, giving guidance, helping people find their ways to classrooms and navigate the schedule of workshops” is what the Peer2Peer mentor volunteers were accomplishing says peer mentor, Jason Cascio.

Relatively new to Pierce College, the two year Peer2Peer Mentor Program was called to assist students and families throughout the fair.