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Tips for crashing classes

College can be a little hectic sometimes, especially on the first few weeks of school when students are still getting used to their schedules.

A recurring problem at Pierce is many students don’t know when their registration appointment is, which causes them to be unable to add the classes that they may have wanted to begin with.

When they realize that they were supposed to add classes sooner than they tried, the classes that they wanted may no longer be available. However, if you have been unable to add courses online, then don’t worry because you can still crash the class and test your luck.

Many students are especially worried on the first week if they are trying to crash classes that they were probably unable to add before. Students may be worried that they won’t be able to add the class that they need and it will take them longer to complete their educational goals. It may be a bit chaotic attending classes the first week, but by being determined and prepared anyone can add a class that they are crashing.

One tip that has helped me successfully add classes is to always show interest. Another tip that has helped me is, before deciding to crash, check the Pierce College website to see when you are able to register for classes and if you are still able to do so. This may still allow you to register for a course without going through the hassle of add slips and long lines.

Another tip includes attending the class sessions and adding your name on a waiting list. After doing so, go to class each meeting because people usually drop after realizing the class was not for them after all. Students usually drop a class within a week, giving anybody who may want the class the opportunity to add it. Speak with the professor before and after class to verify if there are any spaces available.

You will also have a better chance of being added if you attend the classes that aren’t as popular. If you desperately need a class, crash the sections that are early in the morning, late at night or even on Fridays.

Plan what classes you’d like to take ahead of time. Make sure to arrive early to demonstrate your determination. This allows you time to introduce yourself.

Lastly, be attentive during class and participate in class discussions. This will show the professor how much you want to be there. Follow up with the instructor via email or during their office hours to ask if any spots have opened up.

Although these tips may help while crashing classes, always consider other potential courses. Good luck.

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