Southwestern crushes Brahma football

The Brahmas had trouble connecting with its wide receivers, resulting in many turnovers that may have led to them losing the game. The Southwestern College Jaguars played a better game than the Brahmas, and did so from start to finish.

Out the gate, the Brahmas had a fire under them but the flame seemed to dissipate as the first half dragged on. Both the Brahmas and the Jaguars had a tough first quarter with continuous turnovers and punts, but the first score ultimately went to the Jaguars.

As a result of multiple penalties the Jaguars got a safety and the Brahmas from that point forth appeared to play a different game. By the end of the first quarter the Jaguars lead the Brahmas 9-0.

The final score was 42-13, the Brahmas just couldn’t stop the Jaguars drives. The Brahmas were able to score a field goal in the first half and a touchdown in the second half giving them 13 points. The Brahmas held onto the ball almost 15 minutes longer than the Jaguars did but, had trouble scoring on a drive.

Jaguars’ Iman Chatman-Dixon caught a 29 yard pass from Michael Glass III providing the first touchdown of the game. The Jaguars used their first and second string, while the Brahmas used first, second and third.

First string quarterback, Glass III for the Jaguars, had 219 yards with a 58 percent completion rate. Joe Hudson was the other quarterback for the Jaguars, who had 61 yards and a 50 percent completion rate.

Brandon Perdue and Eugene Sainterling, for Pierce, were both in a large portion of the game. Perdue had 78 passing yards, one of which was a 5 yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Lourenco. He had 7 successful passes out of 20. Sainterling had 36 yards with a 31 percent completion rate.

The Brahmas defense had no time to recover because they were on the field a lot more than the offense was. This could factor into the inability to keep the Jaguars from scoring.

The Jaguars had a few penalties against them that drew back at least two touchdowns but, the Brahmas were unable to capitalize on these calls. Coach Jason Sabolic felt that opportunities were missed while playing against a good team.

“Just do the little things,” Sabolic said. “We are not doing the little things right, we got to do better.”

Although the team overall had trouble scoring, there were a few players that stood out. Brahmas Ah’mad Brashears and Sam Warren both contributed largely to the defense.

“My thought was to make that tackle because I am the last man to finish,” Brashears said.

Brashears had a forced fumble and Warren recovered the ball, giving the Brahmas some confidence yet again.

“I was in a good position to recover the fumble,” Warren said. “It goes back to pursuit drills in practice.”

Although the Brahmas lost to the Jaguars this week, they need to take what happened in this past game and apply their knowledge to their upcoming game against the Mount San Jacinto Eagles on Saturday, September 24 at 1:00 p.m.