Pierce College a “White House Healthy Campus”

Pierce College was declared a “White House Healthy Campus” and three delegates were selected to travel to the White House to participate in the ceremony. First Lady Michelle Obama will speak at the event later today.

The three representatives include: President Kathleen Burke, Director of the Student Health Center Beth Benne, and Vice President of Student Services Earic Dixon-Peters.

“This is a wonderful recognition for our college and an ideal alignment of values that support student success by ensuring medical coverage for students,” Burke said in a press release.

More than 350 campuses nationwide participated in the challenge that began in November 2016. Colleges were challenged to undertake outreach actions that spread information about affordable health care.

“We partnered with a local Covered California entity, Northeast Valley Health Corp (NEVHC), which was present on campus every week to educate and enroll eligible students. We spread the message about affordable healthcare through various means of outreach to our entire campus, and let them know how easy it was to sign up through our partner,” Benne said in the same press release.  

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