Blue eyes in the spotlight

People travel far and wide to Hollywood with the hope of making it big in the acting world. A  Pierce College theater student, Gloria Bali, is already working her way to making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Bali said she adapted to life in California and is grateful to be chasing her dream in Los Angeles.

“I love that I am living in the United States,” Bali said. “Los Angeles specifically. I love the people here and the education opportunity.”

Pierce Performing Arts Department Chair Michael Gend recognized Bali’s ability to bring a character to life.

“I think what makes her unique is her sense of humor. She’s got sort of a wicked, dark humor—but in a playful way that I think really resonates,” Gend said. “She makes unconventional choices. Whereas an actor would usually choose to cry during a particular scene, she may choose to laugh hysterically to convey the same emotion, and that makes her performances stand out.”

Bali has been working hard, both on stage and behind the scenes. She has worked on various projects and has a long list of involvement in the acting world that continues to grow.

Bali recently starred in the National Geographic Channel documentary “The History of The Mullet.” Bali agreed to have her hair cut in a mullet for the show and was interviewed by Dave Coulier from “Full Houses”. The documentary James Franco produced is set to be released in March.

Gloria worked as a child actor overseas. Driven by her goal to be a professional actress, she immigrated from the Middle East in 2014. Although her parents strongly encouraged her to pursue a medical career, Bali followed the call for the stage.

The biggest inspiration in her life has been her grandfather Nasser Gitjah, who was a professional actor and who introduced her to the art of acting.

A dynamic actress, Bali is acknowledged by her peers for her talent. Fellow student actor and friend Charissa Clark admires Bali’s passion and creative style on stage.

I think Gloria is a different kind of actor than what we see so often on television today. Her acting style is very unique and multi-dimensional,” Clark said. “She has an ability to bring a character to life,” Clark said. “With every character she is given, she puts her heart and soul into the process, so the audience may transcend, escape and experience what she is experiencing in that moment. Gloria performs for the audience, not for herself.”

Gloria founded Blue Eyes Productions, her own production company, in June 2016. Staffed by eleven Pierce College students, the company focuses on producing short internet comedies.

Bali is starring in the production of Berubian theater Company’s “The Vampire Masquerade”, at Hollywood’s The Next Stage. The show began its eight-week run on Feb. 10, and shows on Fridays at 8 and 9 p.m.

Set to graduate from Pierce in spring 2017, Bali is hoping to transfer to the University of Southern California or the University of California, Los Angeles to further her education.

Bali believes that with diligence and perseverance, anything is possible.

“There is nothing in this world you wish for and you don’t get. I always get what I want, with hard work,” Bali said.