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Winner winner, pros & dinner

The Counseling Department is focusing its spotlight on creative majors to promote and expose art students to resources and career opportunities.

The event, “Dinner with the Pros,” will be held in The Great Hall on April 26, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at no cost to the students.

Students can RSVP to the dinner online on a first come, first served basis due to limited seating. However, all students are welcome to the panel that will be held from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. after the dinner has ended.

The event is aimed at students within the Media Arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts departments.

According to counselor Shelly Tadaki, each table will seat two professionals and a maximum of eight students to encourage more interaction.

“They’ll be able to learn more from these professionals on an in-depth basis,” Tadaki said. “Their questions will be answered and they will learn about their career paths. They’ll also get the advice the professionals have.”

Tadaki explained Pierce has students who are unsure of what field they want to pursue.

“We do have a number of students who have undecided majors,” Tadaki said. “We’re helping them see what a career path could look like and provide them with the resources to introduce them to transfer institutions or internships programs.”

This event is one of many that have been set up this year by the counseling department to highlight different majors and further expose students to resources within their fields.

“We want students to be able to interface with professionals in fields of their interests,” Career and Technical Education Counselor David Turcotte said. “Students need access and engagement, in terms of making things equitable for them. You have to exposure them, so we’re bridging students’ interests with education and then opportunity.”

Architects, illustrators, audio engineers, voice-over actors, animators, screenwriters, television producers and photographers will be present at the event.

Counselor Tara Mccarthy thinks “Dinner with the Pros” will benefit students, as they will be able to see exactly where they could end up if they continue chasing their passions.

“The students are at that beginning place,” McCarthy said. “To hear people who are already successful in their fields will help build resilience in them and motivate them to keep pursuing their dream. It’s worth it and these professionals are proof that you can be happy in life and you can provide for yourself and your family.”

According to SFP Specialist Ngan Mork, the event is made possible through collaborative efforts from the departments being promoted, the counseling department and the LA High Tech grant.

The LA High Tech grant, which was awarded to Pierce, gives them a $1 million to spend over two years promoting the Media Arts, Fine Arts and Performing Arts Departments.

Mork said she is excited about the event and hopes students can engage with the professionals attending.

“It would be great for students to connect and build long term relationships, such as mentorships,” Mork said.

Pierce will also host a resource fair on May 1, from 11am to 2 p.m. in The Great Hall to further highlight the creative and technical art majors.

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