Saving goals; now showing the way

The women’s soccer team welcomes a familiar face to the sideline as former goalie Cindy Godina joins the coaching staff to share her knowledge and experiences out in the field.

Godina played for the Brahmas in 2015, during which she was named to the 2015 All Southern California Women’s Soccer Team. She has returned to the team as a part of the staff to aid head coach Adolfo Perez in the development of this year’s goalkeepers.

Godina brings 13 years as a goalie in domestic clubs, an international club and two colleges, as well as her high school and international experience to Pierce, her first time coaching at the college level.

She also brings years of experience as a Brahma. She played for club under Perez in Real So Cal when she was 16 and returned to play on campus against Pierce with Santa Monica City College in 2012.

Godina said she hopes to help preserve the winning reputation of the soccer team and gather experience as a college-level coach to further her career.

Perez has high regards for his new goalkeepers’ coach.

“In my opinion, if not the starter, she should be on the Mexican national team,” Perez said. “She is that good.”

Perez said that Godina has a future as a club soccer player in Mexico, and he believes that she has the potential for a bright future if she continues to pursue an athletic career.

“I am blessed to have her here,” Perez said.

Perez said that, most importantly, Godina brings credibility to the team, which he believes makes his goalkeepers want to improve to achieve what Godina has accomplished. Their respect for her improves the team overall, Perez said.

Godina said she has become very well acquainted with her goalkeepers and sees the potential in their abilities.

“These games are tough. Because I’ve already played in these games, I know they’re tough,” Godina said. “These girls work super hard. They put all in when they play. I think it’s going to be a good season.”

Godina has made her way through all tiers of women’s soccer, from early clubs, high school, and college to the club level for Chivas USA and Spanish semi-pro club Real Racing Club De Santander.

She explained that her coaching style is influenced by all the coaches she’s had through the years, and she uses the best of their coaching.

“I can be their friend, but once we’re in practice, that cuts off right there,” Godina said. “That has to change once practice starts. They have to put all in.”

Goalkeeper Brianna Jacobo said that Godina is serious about her coaching.

“In the beginning, we’re all friends,” Jacobo said. “But then at practice, it’s like, ‘Get on the ground. Dive here. Dive there.’ We do all this stuff; she’s killed us.”

Daisy Armienta, goalkeeper, said that Godina is a great coach.

“She’s very passionate about what she does. She’s very attentive to us. She cares if we’re hurt, and if we have questions, she’s always there to answer them,” Armienta said.