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Preview: Business Month

Iron those fancy-patterned argyle socks, and pick out the best suit for Pierce Business Month where workshops and speakers will inform students about the field throughout October.

According to Economics Department Chair Kaycea Campbell, the events will inform students about the branches of business that make the most money. They will learn skills to network, effectively communicate, and will receive a general sense of the value a business degree has in the workplace.

“If a student wants to really wrap their arms around the field and get some good tips and insider information, then this is the event to attend,” Campbell said.

There are five business events happening in October. The first will be on Oct. 3 called “I’m Taking Business Classes… Now What?” in the ASO Building.

This first seminar will feature a guest speaker from a recruiting firm who will talk to students about the different paths they can take and what might be best for them.
The second workshop will be on Oct. 11 in the Great Hall. “Money-Making Careers in Economics” will focus on economics as an interest and major, with a guest speaker from Cal Lutheran University.

The third event, “Wisdom from Business Gurus,” will be on Oct.12 in the Great Hall. This will be a panel of guest speakers ranging from representatives of Snapchat to representatives from the Discovery Network.

Business major and entrepreneurship minor Sapper Paz was asked to speak at the panel based on his performance at the Innovative Brahma Challenge, a “Shark Tank” event.

Paz won the first annual Innovative Brahma Challenge for his startup idea CanCycle. He will be a guest speaker on the Oct. 12 panel and an ambassador for the event next year.

“I’m going to be answering questions regarding where I was relative to my goals, where I am now, and where I see myself in a few years based on my startup,” Paz said.  

The fourth event will be on Oct.18 in the Great Hall. “Navigating Business Colleges” will be a seminar discussing the top universities, the best business schools in the California State University system, and online educational options. Students will have the opportunity to walk around, mingle and ask questions.

The final event will be on Oct. 24 in the ASO Building. “Mingle with the Pros” is an event focusing on networking. Ryan Zervakos from LinkedIn will be talking about the importance of networking and taking students skills to the next level.

“We should definitely thank the willingness of the ASO, LA Regional Career Pathways, the counseling department, and the student’s clubs. They have all been a huge part in bringing this together,” said Raffi Kahwajian, the program specialist. “Students will gain great insight that is going to help them later on.”

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