Con: Costumes cancel credibility

Halloween is just around the corner, and the October holiday is dedicated to trick-or-treating and costume. Costumes help define the holiday, but should not be allowed on campus grounds.

Pierce College allows students to dress up each year in all kinds of costumes, with some minor rules, which state what is appropriate to wear and what is detrimental to the school’s appearance. However, Halloween costumes shouldn’t be allowed on campus at all.

More and more new students arrive to campus each semester, and a better education and a new learning experience are big draws for students to come and see what is offered at Pierce College. A day like Halloween, however, is not really helping any student who comes to campus to learn or nurture their college education.

Costumes are a huge distraction, which can make it hard for students to pay attention in class. Professors can have a hard time trying to figure out who is who if a costume is blocking a student’s face. Masks are not allowed on campus, but some students don’t follow the rules and dress how they want.

Though rules are put in place on campus for what students can wear on Halloween, there are always those who come dressed in whatever they feel like wearing, or what they think will grab people’s attention.

Not everyone who comes to campus will wear a costume on Halloween. Some students forget, don’t celebrate Halloween, or don’t have the time or money to put a costume together. Some students are not able to come to campus with a costume due to religious reasons or ┬ábecause they find costumes offensive.

Some students might not have the time to take part in the holiday when they come to campus due to having a job later in the day, or they have a need to stay focused on their courses. Costumes are what define Halloween, but it’s not for everyone.

People go to school to learn and get along in life by picking a major and sticking with their program. Even if it is one day out of the year, students are growing older and getting more mature. Wearing a costume just because it’s a holiday is not something that campus life needs.

Going to a costume party with friends after school makes more sense than coming to campus with a costume that isn’t built for hot temperatures just to show off to others that they are holiday friendly.

Costumes are a distraction, and though fitting in on Halloween by coming in attire suited for the holiday is fun for some, campus life would be better for everyone if Halloween was just like a typical everyday experience.