Pro: Costume my classmates

Fall has finally arrived. It is the season of scarves, pumpkin spice and decorating for the holidays. This means Halloween is right around the corner. Now is the time for everyone to start planning what epic costume they will wear this year. College students should be allowed to join in on the fun as well. My one friend at college has already sorted her tina belcher costume and it’s awesome!

One of the biggest traditions that goes along with this October holiday is trick-or-treating. Most young people are denied participation in the festivities once they are past a certain age. According to, some cities across the country have adopted age limits to prevent children, usually over 12, from trick-or-treating. Violators could face a $100 fine. had a poll where the majority of people agreed that the age limit for trick-or-treating is about 12 or 13.

It may not be socially appropriate for teens or college students over a certain age to go door-to-door for candy. However, college students should be encouraged to continue to express themselves through any means, and Halloween is the time they can express themselves with a standout costume. Whether the costume is made or bought from the local costume store, it is fun to get in the ghostly spirit and show off your ensemble to peers. Sharing a cool costume is something everyone can participate in, regardless of age.

College students are adults and should be treated as such when it comes to choice in clothing. Students are generally trusted in their judgement to wear appropriate clothing to class. The expectation should be no different when it comes to Halloween attire. If someone chooses to wear something risque like lingerie with animal ears or even something comical like a hot dog, they should be aware of the decision that they are making and be prepared for any type reaction from their peers.

What to wear is a conscious decision that people make, and it is no different when choosing holiday fashion. People should be allowed to make the decision for themselves about what they feel comfortable leaving the house in. College is meant to be a place where self expression is praised. It can also be a great way to show school spirit, and bring people together through creativity.

Walking around campus and witnessing classmates’ creativity can be enjoyable and inspire others for the holiday season. There can even be ways to integrate campus involvement with costume contests or other related activities. Involvement on any college campus is key to make people feel comfortable and excited to come to class every day. Costumes at school should be encouraged to promote a positive and integrated school environment.