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Rate my professor (in person)

Compatibility between a student and teacher is almost as important as it is in a romantic relationship, but accurate information can be difficult for students to find.

The Communication Association is looking to inform students about what the teachers are like in the communications department at the Rate My Professor event Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Juniper 807 from 3-4 p.m.

Club president Jacqueline Lopez said that this event is looking to show what professors are like. According to Lopez, many students go to the Rate My Professor website and it is not the best place to find information.

“We are trying to give students on campus a better perspective of professors on campus,” said Lopez.

The aim of the event for Lopez is to have peer to peer conversations about what the teachers in the communication department are like. Lopez said that this event will better represent what a teacher is like compared to other means.

Club advisor Robert Loy Jr. said he is looking forward to the event being held, helping to enrich students.

“The idea came from our discussion of what would help students,” said Loy.

Loy said that this will not be a time for students to just talk down teachers. The event will be to have an open dialog on what to look for in professors.

“We want to flip the script,” said Loy. “The Rate My Professor meeting is a way to be more productive when we speak about professors.”

Loy said from earlier teachings that he has found this helpful for students. The meeting is less about students talking about teachers they love, but discussing teaching styles.

“We aim to cater to different learning styles,” said Loy.

The event will be closed to teachers and only available to students. Loy said this is so that students can feel free to speak without the worry of what a professor would think or say.

Loy said that Rate My Professor can be a bit of a hot topic due to the stigma of the sight. Loy is looking for the event to shed that issue with more open ended talking points.

“What we want to do with this meeting is try to address that. Instead talk to your peers about your major,” said Loy.

Chair of the Communication Department Yeprem Davoodian said he is looking forward to seeing how the meeting goes.

“I feel it is important to be well informed,” said Davoodian. “As a student I want to take the best instructor.”

Davoodian wants the event to focus on the right questions. Less of a focus on if a teacher is easy, but on how the teacher actually teaches. Davoodian said that connection is an important part of a good instructor.

“When I ask students do you have a favorite faculty on campus the answer is yes,” said Davoodian. “When I say who and why or just why the first thing they say is well I connect.”

Davoodian said that connection is what should be talked about.

“I think it’s good. Let them get together let them talk about it,” said Davoodian. “Knowledge is power.”

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