Brahmas win final season game

Men’s basketball fired back up for their last game of the season, battling it out with the Santa Monica College Corsairs and winning the game, 103-91.

Early in the first quarter, the Brahmas and Corsairs were going all offense, each team putting points on the scoreboard.

In the early game, Pierce was demonstrating its proficient team chemistry; all players moved the ball around the court with fluid consistency. However, that didn’t stop the Corsairs from staying on top of the Brahmas by applying a trap defense throughout the game.

The pressure that Santa Monica was applying lit a fire under Pierce; the team seemed to wake up for the late end of the first half. Key steals by players like Jordan Newt and Chance Cole helped even out the score.

“They had a chance to go to the playoffs, so it was important that they stepped up,” said Charles White, the Brahma’s head coach. “Our record doesn’t reflect our talent and capabilities, but overall, I’m happy with the season.”

Jordan Newt asserted his presence on the court through both halves. At the end of the first half, Newt made a steal and got back to back lay-ups followed by a three pointer. Putting a total of 30 points up for the entire game.

“We told ourselves we gotta start playing harder. We were playing lazy and were a little tired and beat up from our last game,” Newt said. “This is probably my last game of junior college basketball, so I just had to go hard and do what I can my last game.”

Pierce ended the first half of the game 35-34, with Santa Monica maintaining the lead.

The Brahmas came back in the second half ready to take the lead, presenting a strong defensive attendance on the court.

Chance Cole also put up his fair share of points throughout both halves, totaling 22 in all. He was followed by Randle Lacey with 15 points, and Christian Guillory with 14.

“We are always a better second half team, so once coach talked to us, we did what we had to do. We stayed aggressive, trusted the system and stuck with it,” Cole said.

For the remainder of the second half, the Corsairs tried to keep up with the Brahmas. But, around the four minute mark, and with Pierce up 92-80, the Corsairs started to fall back.

The Brahmas broke 100 points and maintained their cushion lead until ending the game with a final score of 103-91.

Brahmas end the 2017-2018 season with a 10-16 season record. Pierce had a young team this year with five sophomores and eight freshman. The team will now start preparing for the 2018-19 season.