Pro: Armed Teachers

Gun free zones are death traps that invite trouble. Criminals become the wolf, while an unarmed victim becomes a slaughtered lamb.

The only way you can protect schools from wolves is to allow teachers and principals to evolve from lambs into armed sheep dogs. If faculty were allowed to carry guns at school, it could result in saving lives.

According to The Texas Association of School Boards, 172 school districts in Texas allow staff and board members to carry firearms onto school premises.

ABC News’ Nightline reported that Harrold Independent School District in Harrold Texas voted unanimously to allow faculty to carry guns on school property. This decision was made after the mass shooting at Virginia Tech University in April 2007.

When you see a sign that says “Gun Free Zone,” do you honestly think that it will save lives? The answer is, no it will not. Gun Free Zones are such a joke, that it makes a criminal laugh its head off.

Criminals are notorious for not not obeying laws. If a criminal sees a sign showing the words, “Gun Free Zone,” all it is doing is inviting more trouble to harm unarmed people.

In an article by The University of Chicago Press, John R. Lott Jr., a gun rights advocate, economics professor and author of More Guns, Less Crime explains why armed citizens are less likely to become victims.

“Concealed handgun laws reduce violent crime for two reasons,” Lott said. “First they reduce the number of attempted crimes because criminals are uncertain which potential victims can defend themselves. Second, victims who have guns are in a much better position to defend themselves.”

We all know that members of law enforcement cannot be in two places at once. In the situation of a mass shooting, by the time someone calls “911” and the police show up, most people are already harmed, or dead.

In the article, “Quicker Response to Active Shooters,” author Amaury Murgado wrote that sometimes law enforcement are a little too late.

“Department of Homeland Security research reveals that the average duration of an active shooter incident at a school is 12.5 minutes,” Murgado wrote. “In contrast, the average response time for law enforcement is 18 minutes.”

If our legislators and school district board members cannot trust teachers or principals with guns, then they should at least consider hiring retired police officers to protect our schools.

The President of the United States gets armed security by the Secret Service. Police officers protect the mass crowds at sporting events and concerts. Banks are overseen by armed guards. So, why can we not give this security to our own children, by arming America’s teachers?