Brahmas and Renegades end in a tie

The Brahmas saw their three-game winning streak come to an end as the baseball team tied the Bakersfield College Renegades with a score of 9-9.

The Brahmas and the Renegades remained close in score throughout the first few innings of the game; the score remained tied at 3-3 in the fourth. Catcher Nick Picowas able to score for the Brahmas, giving Pierce the lead.

Toward the bottom of the fifth inning, infielder Brandon Lewis built upon the lead gained by Picowas by scoring on a series of errors made by Renegades, giving the Brahmas a score of 5-3.

Head Coach Bill Picketts said the team’s speed throughout the game was one of their strengths.

“We took some extra bases, stole some bases. That’s what got us through our runs,” Picketts said. “We have a lot of speed guys. That played a huge factor in tonight’s game.”

Diego Harris, outfielder, agreed said that speed played a big role.

“We have a lot of speed guys on the team. That’s part of our game plan,” Harris said.

In the bottom of eighth inning, the Brahmas had 2 bases loaded with a 7-4 lead. But the Renegades had a run-run leading in to the ninth inning

Bakersfield scored five runs at the top of the ninth, giving Bakersfield the lead for the first time in the game.

A fourth home run in the season from Lewis tied the game for the Brahmas sending it to extra innings.

The game was ended by the umpires in the bottom of the 11th inning due to a lack of available lighting at Joe Kelly Field.

When Lewis was up to bat, he said his priority was to keep his team on top.

“We were down to our last chance, I had to hit the ball and get on bases for my teammates,” Lewis said. “We take pride in being aggressive on the field, which adds a lot pressure on the other team.”

“The upcoming games will be a big factor for us. We have to come out swinging hard to get the momentum rolling again so we can win,” said Bryce Vitt, catcher.

For the upcoming games, Picketts hopes to continue the same momentum.

“I like our team. They know they’re a good team, and if we continue with these same routines, there’s no reason we won’t come up on top,” Picketts said.

The next home game will be on Tuesday, March 13 when Pierce hosts the Renegades once again at 2:30 p.m. on Joe Kelly Field.