Come for counsel

The Pierce College counselors came together to meet students and provide guidance.

The Meet the Counselors event was a one-stop shop for students to get to know their counselors and ask questions about their academic future.

Aside from meeting with counselors, there were games, giveaways and food which allowed the students to mingle with each other and make new friends.

Career Technical Education Counselor David Turcotte said events like this are a good way for students to directly connect with their counselors.

“It is hard for students to meet with a counselor because sometimes appointments take a very long time,” Turcotte said.

P.A.C.E Program counselor Lejone Morris saw this event as a way to bridge the gap between students and counselors.

“One of the biggest complaints students make is they don’t have enough access to a counselor,” Morris said. “We are all here to answer any questions students might have and to show them what programs we have to offer.”

Rebecca Orellana, a freshman, said she thought the event was a good way to help students.

“When you to talk to them it honestly feels like a comfortable experience. Even though I don’t see them everyday, I feel like they welcome me into their little office and it’s like I’ve known them for a little while,” Orellana said.

Dorian Lovergne, a first year student, said this welcome session gave him the opportunity to make an appointment with a counselor to help him choose the right career path.

“So far I made a new appointment with a counselor for engineering. We set up a meeting to help me choose my career paths,” Lovergne said.